Silvermine Stone Veneer Siding

Belterra Stone Veneer Siding, by Silvermine Stone, delivers another level of real stone aesthetic and eliminates the perils of water damage in an easy-to-install mortarless stone siding. With its patented Flashing and Fastening System, Belterra Mortarless Architectural Stone provides the attractive look of real stone at a fraction of the cost.

The patented and intuitive installation & flashing system provides a safe and professional finish trusted by the pros. Other systems may provide labor savings, but fall short when it comes to water penetration.

It starts with 8″ aluminum flashing, securely cast into each flat stone. This creates a “shingle” effect on your wall and won’t allow water penetration. The unique corner system seamlessly works through inside/outside corners. Using the same stone for both saves time and money plus provides a foolproof water barrier.

The system is capped off with 3′ sill pieces. The fastening hem is tucked underneath existing siding or counter-flashed against masonry.

Stone Visualizer

Parksite Baltimore Stock Sheet

Parksite North Brunswick Stock Sheet

Parksite Syracuse Stock Sheet



  • Simplest Stone in the world to install
  • Integrated flashing eliminates the perils of water damage
  • Realistic ledgestone look with sharp details and superior colors
  • Over 50 unique ledgestone panels in each of the 5 colors prevents the “repeat look”
  • Patented flashing system protects your home from water damage and requires less wall preparation than other mortarless and mortared products
  • One of the lowest total cost solutions (material and labor) for almost every project