DuPont™ Roof Protector™

DuPont™ Roof Protector™ preserves the roof deck during installation, and with a high strength to weight ratio provides a lightweight yet durable barrier against water. Unlike other value synthetics, it is much less prone to wind pull-up and tearing at fastener points during installation. With its slip-resistant surface, DuPont™ Roof Protector™ is ideal for steep slopes under asphalt shingle and metal panel roof materials.

Tyvek® Protec™ Roofing Underlayments

Tyvek® Protec™ roofing underlayments feature a unique embossed pattern allowing for better traction and grip while walking on the roof with lightweight durability, excellent secondary moisture protection and a wrinkle-free surface for smoother installations. Ideal for jobs from renovation to new construction and designed for slopes 2:12 and higher under a variety of roofing materials.