Ipe’ Decking

Ipe is a popular hardwood porch flooring choice that provides a beauty and high performance. It is extremely hard so it is extremely durable and wears well. It is especially good in environments where the elements come into play like the ocean or beach. We carry a full range of Ipe’ for decking, railing, porch flooring and special-order siding.

Lightning Brand Batu

Strong, naturally beautiful and stable, Lightning Brand Batu products are ideal for decking, railing, porch flooring and special-order siding. With a distinctive grain and rich color, Batu is an excellent choice when looking for high quality and long lasting durability.

Lumber Decking

Wood is a traditional material used for decks and continues to be a top choice for most deck projects. Parksite has many wood offerings including Batu, Ipe’, and pressure treated to create a new deck or update an existing one. Contact your nearest branch to find out about our current selection of materials.

Wolmanized Wood

Made from high quality southern pine, Wolmanized Wood is a natural, renewable resource that is preserved to last for decades. It can be easily repaired if scratched and can be painted or stained. More durable and economical than cedar and grades of redwood. Great for decking, railing, walkways and a variety of above ground projects.