Tyvek® Building Envelope Solutions

Tyvek® offers full line of integrated solutions to weatherize residential homes, multi-family housing, and commercial buildings. Tyvek® products are at the core of construction projects that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. From building wrap to flashing for windows, doors, and penetrations, Tyvek® has your project protected. 

Learn More About the Importance of Water Holdout:

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  • The full Tyvek® system protects against water damage, improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, and reduced building maintenance
  • Tyvek® products can reduce air and water infiltration to help prevent drafts and water damage
  • Vapor permeable allowing water vapor to escape when it does get into walls
  • When properly installed Tyvek® weather barriers help to protect against loss of R-value in insulation due to wind washing
  • Taping the seams with Tyvek® Tape provides the best Tyvek®-to-Tyvek® adhesion, helping to provide optimal protection against air and bulk water penetration