Corian® Solid Surface

Created to offer a higher performance alternative to conventional surfacing materials, Corian® Solid Surface is internationally recognized for its great contribution to the world of design and famed for its exceptional versatility, reliability, elegance and almost limitless applications in residential and commercial settings. From kitchens to bathrooms, wall-cladding to work surfaces, furniture to lighting, even exterior cladding, Corian adds unique value, character, and sophistication to interior and exterior designs.


  • Keeps its good looks and survives impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear
  • Remarkably durable material that is easy to live with in domestic and commercial environments
  • Easy to clean, non-porous surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material
  • Liquids won't penetrate so bacteria and mold have nowhere to take root
  • Repairable, renewable and inherently environmentally friendly
  • Countertops, sinks, and backsplashes integrate together for seamless look