Big Timber® Construction Fasteners

Get the Right Fastener for the Job!

Big Timber Construction Fasteners provides the highest quality professional-grade construction screws and bits for all construction applications. They do not require pre-drilling in most applications. A select number of products are certified for projects that require building code compliance. They are manufactured to their specifications in ISO 9002 quality-certified mills and factories.

Parksite Big Timber Stock List

Fastener Guide


  • YTX™: Interior Multi-Purpose Wood Screws
  • BTX™: Exterior Multi-Purpose Wood Screws
  • FS™: Finish Wood Screws
  • RWH™: Round Washer Head Screws
  • VEN™: Stone Veneer Screws
  • THB™: Trim Head Wood Screws
  • CTX™: Construction Lag Screw
  • BL™: Black Log Timber Lag Screws
  • WTX™: Wafer Head Lag Screws
  • STX™: 316 Stainless Multi-Purpose Wood Screws
  • SCTX™: 316 Stainless Steel Construction Lag Screws
  • PTX™: Pocket Hole Screw
  • CB™: Cement Board Screw
  • SWD™: Soft Wood Deck Screws
  • FHD™: Wood-To-Steel Self-Drilling Screws
  • CON™: Concrete/Masonry Screws with Drillcrete® Technology
  • CD™: Composite Deck Screws
  • DWC™: Drywall-To-Wood Screws
  • WB: Metal Roofing Screws
  • MTS: Modified Truss Wood Screws
  • MTD: Modified Truss Metal Screws
  • Star Drive Bits

Big Timber PTX Pocket Hole Screws Big Timber FS Finishing Screws Big Timber CTX Construction Screws with mountains in the background Big Timber BTX Wood screws