Protec-pic2-600x600Parksite announces the launch of a new line of roofing underlayments, DuPont™ Tyvek® Protec™, part of the Tyvek® family of building envelope products.

Tyvek® Protec™ is suitable for use by professional roofing and exteriors contractors in new construction or re-roofing projects as a secondary water barrier on steep-sloped roofs (2:12 or higher) under asphalt shingle, tile, metal, cedar or slate. Tyvek® Protec™ is offered in a variety of product grades: Tyvek® Protec™ 120; Tyvek® Protec™ 160 and Tyvek® Protec™ 200; each with increasing quality, durability, strength, warranty protection and UV resistance.

“The walkability of Tyvek® Protec™ is best-in-class, said Craig Wheatley, Director of Tyvek Market Development for Parksite, “From the grip under foot to the grip on the roof deck, contractors will see, feel, and experience the differences from other roofing underlayments the moment they install the first roll.”

With its industry-leading walkability, Tyvek® Protec™ enables effective installation regardless of weather conditions – dry, wet, hot, cold or dirty. In addition, Tyvek® Protec™ lays flat and is wrinkle-free, for ease of installation. It is easy to chalk, and is available in the United States and in Canada from local lumber and roofing dealers. For more information, visit: