Corian-Exterior-Cladding-pic-250x181Parksite has added Corian® Exterior Cladding to its product offering in its New England territories. In its 50-year history, Corian® has pioneered a variety of innovative applications in the surfaces market and exterior cladding for building facades is one of the most exciting. For over 10 years, architects and building companies across the world are discovering and exploiting the qualities of Corian® to create functional and visually stunning solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

Parksite, a national building material distributor of industry leading, highly specialized products for the commercial, residential and remodel markets, and a distributor of Corian® since 1974, is excited by this new product opportunity. The company is in the process of hiring a dedicated resource for this product line who will complete an intense training on the many advantages of the exterior cladding material, including its high performance, durability, structural and fire performance, weatherability, and maintenance.

“We’re excited by this opportunity and see the potential for Corian® as a ventilated rain screen system. Due to the ability to thermoform the material, Architects are able to design exteriors not only in white, but also those with complex shapes and rounded corners. Corian® can also naturally transition from exterior to interior. While ideal for all geographies we serve, I believe it has exceptional potential for us in the New England market,” stated Tony Millhouse, Vice President of Sales.