The Parksite Story

The Parksite Group started in a Palatine, IL chicken coop in 1971. A young high school student named George Pattee was hired that year as a $3/hour day laborer. Today, he’s still with Parksite – the only place he’s ever worked – as our Chairman of the Board.  After more than four decades of providing the building industry with game-changing products, we have flourished into a thriving enterprise with over 400 employees.

Throughout the years, we’ve operated on gut instincts and a steady work ethic. The business strategies we’ve employed have put us at the forefront of our industry: downstream demand creation, bundling products and services, and timely diversification of products and markets.

Further propelling our success was our intimate knowledge of our products and our close involvement with the end users. We have built a reputation for building brands and revolutionizing building practices – starting back to our early years when our founders thought of a new use for DuPont™ Tyvek® within the industry. We saw the potential and developed the market for air infiltration barriers that are now used around the world. Since then, we’ve played a key role in launching some of the industry’s most recognizable products, including DuPont Corian®, Zodiaq®, AZEK® Building Products and more.

100% Employee Owned

Perhaps most importantly, in 1998 The Parksite Group became 100% employee owned, making official our long-standing corporate culture of respect and reward for hard work. Our Associates share a vision and essential belief in doing the best we can for ourselves and each other, and we have a common vested interest in our success – both today and for the future.

We will continue to be an innovative, entrepreneurial company of individuals executing a crystal clear vision with passion and integrity. Together, we will uphold the principles and values of our suppliers, customers and team members for years to come.