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Introducing the New AZEK Building Products iPad® App

It’s time to turn the dreams of any home and outdoor living space into reality with the AZEK Building Products iPad App. From inspired trim and moulding applications, deck and railing designs, porch colors, and paver layouts, the AZEK iPad App puts the power of creativity in your hands. Mix and match products, designs and colors. Create a home design that anyone would truly be proud to call their own. And, then, step from the world of flat, 2-dimensional visualization into the future using visionary 3D technology and, literally, make the AZEK House come to life.

Using a visualization marker, such as the cover of any AZEK catalog or download a marker from www.azek.com/iPad, utilize your iPad to enter the exciting world of Augmented Reality. In this 3D AZEK App, you can personalize the AZEK House and then turn, rotate, and zoom in to make sure it’s designed just the way you want it.